Friday, July 1, 2011

Whole 30 / Round 2 / July 2011

Well, I've decided to go another round on the Whole 30. This time though, I'm not going to come off. The last couple of months I was trialing various "safe" starches and not having success with that. And then of course life goes on and bad food choices are made on a regular basis and I'm back to 226lbs.

I actually started yesterday and for the first time since I was off the Whole 30, I woke up early and easily. I've also discovered another probable allergy, I say probable because I haven't been clinically tested. I've been trying out the Lara bars lately, and those have been a treat. I tried the cashew cookie one the other day and my face blew up again. The only ingredients were dates and cashews and I had dates in other Lara bars with no issues.

This time around I'm going to avoid eggs for a while and try them back in at the end of the month. They make such an easy breakfast. <So sad> Another thing that I'm going to try to do is to eat more intuitively. In other words, I'm not going to worry about making sure I eat meat and veggies with every meal. If I feel like just eating meat, I'll do that. If I feel like just eating veggies, veggies it is. If I feel like eating just sweet potatoes or fruit all day, you betcha. The thing is, I figure if I'm eating real food, my body is going to tell me what I need.

Let the games begin!

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