Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whole 30 / Day 15

I noticed this morning that I feel a lot better now that I've cut down the fruit. Every snack was fruit, dessert was fruit, fruit in the meals. It was getting out of control there for a while. I'm going to limit it to a once daily thing instead of every other meal.

Forgot to take my camera to work today. Breakfast was coconut milk coffee. Lunch was garlic chicken and mixed veggies.

Supper was ......chicken hash? Uhmmmm .... yeah, that's what I'll call it. I went through the whole day not being very hungry. I'm not sure if it was the lack of fruit or something else. So when I got home, I had some difficulty trying to decide what to make. I didn't have much for leftovers, except some mixed veggies.

I pulled some chicken breast out of the freezer and defrosted it really quick. While that was defrosting, I peeled and diced a sweet potato and set it to frying up in some coconut oil. Then I took a couple of the chicken breasts, diced them into cubes, and started frying it in a separate skillet.

Once the chicken started going, I went through my spice cabinet trying to decide what I was going to do with it. So I started with the standard: onion and garlic powder - few shakes of each. As I was searching through the spices, I noticed a new spice that I hadn't used yet.

At Target, I had picked up a container of Ancho Chili Powder. I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I opened it, but it was smoky and sweet. I threw quite a bit of that on the chicken. I think this may be my newest go to spice, right behind the Herbs de Provence.

Once the chicken had finished cooking all the way through, I added the leftover veggies. I only waited long enough for the veggies to warm up before I took the sweet potatoes off the fryer and added it to the hash. All in all, not too shabby for a hash.

I thought about having some strawberries earlier today and after supper, but I'm not really hungry and not really craving anything sweet tonight, so I think I'm going to pass on it today.

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