Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whole 30 / Day 16

Forgot to take a pic of breakfast, but I didn't eat much of it. I made eggs for the hubby and had a couple of bites, but didn't want any more. I had some coconut milk coffee at home, but forgot to bring in more coconut milk for work, so I needed a snack today.

Pork loin, sweet potato w/cinnamon

Lunch was pork loin and mashed sweet potato with cinnamon. Very tasty. Thank you, Nettie.

Steak & sweet potatoes

Dinner was steak and more sweet potatoes. I went back for another piece of steak and potatoes. It was really good.

And finally, just because I wanted something sweet. Although, they  weren't terribly sweet, more tangy.
I've noticed on this diet that I'm repeating the same ingredients over and over for all of these meals. But if you asked me if it was boring eating the same food again and again, I would think you were crazy. Except for a couple of meals, I feel like every one of them was completely different. Once you mix and match the meat and veggies, a whole array of options open up as far as seasoning. Your only limits are your taste buds and your imagination. 

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